Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pictures of our new house

I have been trying to put up pictures of our house for almost a week, but it just never happened. We are all moved into our house and have unpacked the majority of our boxes.

Here is a picture of our house. Unfourtunatly, this is an old picture. Our house was a foreclosure that was vacant for at least a year. With lots of hard work and patience, our yard will look this beautiful again real soon.

The kitchen

The Family Room

The Dining Room (Yes, we will be painting pretty much the whole house)

The hallway to the bedrooms


The Living Room. It will soon be a Pool Table room, until then it is our ping pong table and piano room.

The very purple guest bathroom

The pink Master bedroom (it doesn't look pink, but trust me it is)

The guest room

The workout room

The Laundry Room. I don't think I have ever been this excited to have a laundry room. In our last house, the washer and dryer were in the garage. I hated that!

The backyard

For everyone that is worried.... Yes it is still in Clovis 3rd ward!