Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random Stuff

We are taking a break on our projects at home for a while because we over did and need a break! I need to touch up ceilings and put on outlet plates, but honestly the idea of touching a paint brush or a screw driver makes my body ache. Everyday I keep wondering what I'm going to post about because nothing is going on here. We have been waiting for over a month for the rain to stop for 3 days straight so we can get our new roof on. It has been an unusually wet winter here.

So you are going to get a mixture of my thoughts for the day...

One (and basically the only thing right now) thing that I hate about our house is the fact that our neighbors are right on top of us. We have the typical California sized lot-TINY. Our next door neighbors have their BBQ right next to the fence, so whenever they are using it they are staring straight into our backyard. Our backyard neighbors can easily look through any of the gaps in the fence and see straight into our house. Now to make it even worse, they decided to put up an awesome play set for their kids (I am so tempted to jump over the fence and play on it while they are at work) with a binocular type thing so there's no privacy anymore.

We got a new toothbrush sanitizer the other day (Mom and Dad the one you got us for christmas is still being used, but only for our sonicare toothbrushes). No matter how you position the toothbrushes, the heads always touch. I thought this would gross me out. The idea of anyone touching my toothbrush makes my stomach sick. But instead, every time I walk into the bathroom and James' toothbrush is touching mine, I smile. It reminds me of us. It makes me long for those times when James will put his arm around me and kiss my head or when he puts his head against mine. It makes me thankful that I have a wonderful husband who loves me!!

Our cute niece spent last weekend with us. She had a cold and wasn't too happy the majority of the time. In desperation to make her happy, I brought out my favorite thing- my camera. We walked around the house together taking pictures of random things. Every time she saw the picture on the camera she would point at what we took a picture of and giggle. When she was getting tired of this game, I took a picture of her. I think it's too cute not to share. We miss you Rhyen!!