Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Fixtures

James surprised me with his ability to mess with electricity. He jumped right in and changed all our light fixtures, switches, and plugs.

The fan in the living room. We need something with a fan and as close to the ceiling as possible so our tall friends didn't have to duck to walk under it. We love this one!

Our dining room chandelier. It's a little different and not your usual dining room fixture, but it matches the other fixtures perfectly.

These 2 are in our entry way. We also have one in the hallway. I have always loved Tiffany lights. When we found these ones, I didn't have to convince James to consider them. They match our wall colors almost exactly.

We had an antique thermostat so we quickly changed that out. This one is neat because it sits flush with the wall and it's all touch screen.

We wanted a prettier door bell. We shopped everywhere and finally found this one online. It adds a touch of beauty to our boring hallway.

Another light in our hallway.

A few of the new switches James put in. We are still on the hunt for 20 bronze light switch plates.....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Entry Way

When we painted our kitchen, dining room, and family room, we quickly ran out of steam and waited to complete the entry way. That was on our long list of things to accomplish before my family came for their visit.


We had a feeling that the previous owners left this mirror up for a reason. James tried everything possible to get it off without breaking it, but after an hour he put on his safety gear and grabbed a hammer and just enjoyed the start of his 7 years bad luck.