Thursday, June 4, 2009

This week I am thankful for the times James is out of town .... BUT only for one reason (I actually hate it when he is gone). The reason is... I get to cook my favorite meals that he won't touch. I have been trying a lot of recipes of things I ate growing up like lasagna, enchiladas, and baked macaroni and cheese. When he is gone I get my cheese fix (as most of you know James hates cheese. He even hates the smell. If I put Parmesan cheese on my pizza he will seriously loose his appetite).

Monday, June 1, 2009

Thanks for your questions, please keep them coming. I thought this would be a good question to start:

Describe your spouse's personality, strengths, and weaknesses

James about Kresta: "my wife is wonderful. She is kind to everyone. She has a sweet personality and everyone seems to like her instantly. Her weakness is speaking in large groups due to her shyness. Her strength is the love that she shows to others. She is intelligent."

Kresta about James: "My husband works hard to support our family without complaint. He is outgoing in most situations. He gives of himself and his time to those who need it. He is a very passionate person who knows what he wants. He is very creative. My husband's greatest weakness is that he takes failure too personally."