Camping Trip

Last weekend, James and I went on a camping trip with about 10 other families. We aren't too big on camping, but we decided it would be fun to hang out with a bunch of our friends for a few nights.

We stayed at Dinkey Creek near Shaver Lake. It was a beautiful area.

We brought Echo with us. She LOVED it there! We let her roam the camp all day. There were lots of kids for her to play with, new smells to sniff out, and of course food that had fallen on the ground (we don't feed her ANY human food so this was a huge treat for her).

On friday, we took a drive deeper in and had lunch in an area with huge Sequoia trees.

Overall, we had fun. I didn't get any sleep, I get too nervous about all the animal sounds around our tent (especially the growling ones right after we had talked about there being bears around there).


Jill said…
I grew up a week every summer in Dinkey Creek so it was great seeing these pictures. I still remember what the air smells like up there!
Clay and Kayde said…
Looks like you had fun. You are brave to go camping, it's not my favorite thing
Josh and Kimmy said…
You heard bear sounds?!? And I left my kids in the tent alone while we all talked??? These are things I like to hear about AFTER the camping trip instead of during!

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