This week I am thankful for the times James is out of town .... BUT only for one reason (I actually hate it when he is gone). The reason is... I get to cook my favorite meals that he won't touch. I have been trying a lot of recipes of things I ate growing up like lasagna, enchiladas, and baked macaroni and cheese. When he is gone I get my cheese fix (as most of you know James hates cheese. He even hates the smell. If I put Parmesan cheese on my pizza he will seriously loose his appetite).


me said…
For some reason I always think of your family as cheese lovers. I don't know why. This post made me laugh because of that!
Chris said…
That's funny. I do the same thing with corn because my hubby can't eat it. So I have corn fests. We should get together and have cheese corn fests! Hmm...that sounds kinda gross though. haha.

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