Entry Way

When we painted our kitchen, dining room, and family room, we quickly ran out of steam and waited to complete the entry way. That was on our long list of things to accomplish before my family came for their visit.


We had a feeling that the previous owners left this mirror up for a reason. James tried everything possible to get it off without breaking it, but after an hour he put on his safety gear and grabbed a hammer and just enjoyed the start of his 7 years bad luck.



Josh and Kimmy said…
I'm so impressed that he wore safety gear!! When Josh broke our bathroom one, I think he used his arm as a shield...and didn't tape up the glass either. :) It looks great! Don't you love the impact such a little change makes??
Jill said…
I have been really enjoying seeing all the changes you have made in our home. You have such a nice big entry way!
Robin said…
Wow! Tell Jay he sure looks buff holding the hammer with his muscles bulging out like that. Did he pose or was that natural? I love the entry way too!!! By the way, it IS a LONG weekend this weekend . . . any chance of seeing you????
Jen and Mondel said…
Wow......you guys have been so busy! It all looks GREAT!

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