My first and last day

This is so not my style and I normally pass bad judgement to those that do it, but I HAD to for me. I would usually suck it up and just work for my family... I started a new job on Wednesday and then quit. This job was absolutely horrible!! I interviewed for it a few months ago and then they told me that they hired someone else. I then got a phone call on tuesday asking if I was still interested and of course I said I was. I went in on wednesday to just "sign the paper work" but then they made me work from 9-5 without prior warning. I now see exactly why the person before me quit. They threw me into a tiny 8'x8' room with only file cabinets. My job was to alphabetize papers all day, everyday nothing more. No one talked to me all day long. A few employees came into my room but wouldn't say anything to me or introduce themselves. I was so bored that I started reading all the papers. They were all the documents for their clients that are 12-18 years old and addicted to alcohol and/or drugs and have been in trouble with the law. It was so depressing. I had no idea there were so many troubled kids. Eventually my boss came in and saw that I had a purse (I don't get a desk or locker to put my things so I had my purse in the corner of the room by me) and he explained to me that I wasn't allowed to have a purse or any nice jewlery becuase the kids that come in for counseling steal everything to pay for their addictions. No one had pictures on their desks because they feared that the kids would get to the glass in the frames and sissors and pens were locked up. This company was very unprofessional and after an hour there I knew I would be unhappy. I am so glad that my husband is so supportive! I came home balling and willing to give it another try, but he told me to quit. He said that I was worth much more than they were treating me and that he will continue supporting me until I find a job that I will like. Man what an awful day!


Robyn said…
Gosh, I don't know anyone could do that job!

Hopefully you find something you enjoy!
The Gage Cage said…
That sounds CRAZY! I'm glad James is a smart man and wants to keep you happy. It is pretty important to keep your spirits in a positive place. It's fine to be surrounded by people that need help if you feel you can make a difference and that they want to be helped. I'm glad we have an opportunity to serve in the church. Our time and talents are used in a way that is uplifting and not depressing. Take Care my Friend!
Erica said…
Good for you! I'm glad you quit!! There are plenty of jobs out there that won't leave you with an "icky" feeling. Keep looking! You'll find something you like.
Man that sounds HORRIBLE!!!! I'm so glad you didn't have to stick it out. Good luck with finding a job that makes you happy :)
That previous post was from me not Camie, sorry I was helping her with her blog and I forgot to log out of her account
Just me said…
Wow, yeah I've my fair share of jobs like that! Glad you got out and I hope you find something you LOVE!
M said…
Wow. Companies wonder why they can't ever find decent employees ... maybe because they're not decent employers!

Sounds like you made a good decision. Good luck with the job hunt.
Kate said…
I probably would have done the same thing.

Just wait for a better job, it will come.
Miranda said…
Hi Kresta!
Thanks for your sweet comment. Blogging is really fun! I think quitting that job was definitely the right thing to do. I would have done the same thing!
Lisa Miller said…
Kresta, I saw your comment on my blog. It's good to hear from you. We enjoy seeing you and James in the Ward every now and then. Read your post and good for you for quiting. If something will bring you down stay away from it.

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