Kenley Elizabeth

Many people have asked me for pictures of my sister's baby. I was waiting for her to post pictures, but she has given me the ok. I only have a few that she mailed to me that will actually scan for some reason.

Kenley Elizabeth Martin
December 22, 2008
7lbs 5 oz

Kenley is doing well. She has had a bad cough for 12 days now. The doctors don't have anything to give her. Kolbri said that she has been coughing and screaming so much that she has actually lost her voice. How sad!


Skoubs said…
Kresta I can't believe your sister had a baby!! So weird!! Weren't we all just Beehives?! haha! Well congrats to her but stinky that her baby's sick!!
me said…
Thanks Kresta. She is so cute. Sometimes it takes newborns a while to look cute and not alienish (Maddox is a great example of that) but she just came out cute!
Jill said…
So precious. She looks like you Kresta. I can see you in her. That is worrisome about her cough.

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