The wait is over.

Last night I went with about 15 of my friends to the midnight showing of Twilight. We have been looking forward to this movie for a very long time. Most of us got to the theater at 9. We talked and played a trivia game until midnight.

I had a few people come over to my house before the movie so we could carpool together. James and I decorated Echo for the movie with a little sign that said, "Team Jacob because dog food tastes better than blood".

I made vampire bite cupcakes.

In line at the theater: Stephanie, me, PJ, and StaceyTina, Stephanie, and Stacey

Me and Tina

Most of the group. We got together a month ago to make the shirts we are all wearing.

Me and Stacey

Stacey, me, and Stephanie

When we got back to my house we found these notes from "Echo"

What a fun night! It's nice to get out and have a girls night every once in a while.


The Millers said…
I was wondering who would be the first to post pics from twilight. Well done! It was oh so much fun I agree! I'm still unsure what I thought of the movie though...some REALLY cheesy parts, but also some really good ones. hmmm...anyways! Very fun!
Lisa Miller said…
We're going to see it tomorrow night. Wanted to wait until the crowds died down. I've being reading reviews about it. Seen negative and positive ones. I don't care though. I just love seeing books come to life. I'm going to enjoy it either way. Love your shirts. Our group might end of being big as well. Love your dog's notes.
Dizniemom said…
I loved the movie. It folloewd the story and the added humor made it even better. I took pics but they didn't turn out very good. We had a group of about 20 or so people including me and my girls. Of course the theater erupted when Edward came out. Then we had the customary giggly girls around us and the giggly grown ups around us too. Can't wait for the next one to come out!
kkrowan said…
I came on your blog and its nice to see other LDS members on here!
Skoubs said…
I totally am slow and haven't started the series yet. I know it's weird. Just haven't gotten around to it. But looks good. You are so cute Kresta! I love your blog. Sorry I never leave comments. I check it out a lot though.
Landy said…
Your vampire cupcakes are awesome! I haven't seen the movie yet.

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