Weekly Comic Strip

As many of you may know, James is very artistic. He actually majored in Art. When we first got married, he would draw for hours every night. He now only doodles at work when he is on the phone or when I ask him to draw me a picture for my nursery class at church. I have been trying to encourage him to draw more, but his reply is "I'm really not that good" (which is a lie). So he doesn't touch his drawing pad at all.

I told him all I wanted for Valentine's Day was a drawing. I was excited to receive this picture from him.

We have a HUGE box stuffed in the back of a closet full of his pictures. I have been going through them and scanning them into the computer so I can put together a book for him to show him that he really is that good. I have also decided to put some of his pictures up here to let him know how proud of him I am. I chose a comic strip that he made for Snow College's newspaper. There are 6 different strips made to be published once a week. So I will post one strip a week for the next six weeks. After the six weeks I am hoping that he will agree to a monthly comic strip for my blog (fingers crossed). These strips are about a Super hero at Snow College named Sheepman. This a character that was created by a student named Mike Lindsay before James started school there. Once James became a student, he was asked to bring the comic strip back for the students. Snow College is in a little town in southern Utah called Ephraim. It is in the Sanpete Valley and the "archenemy" was Ricks College. That information will be talked about in many of the strips.

You can click on the picture to make it bigger.


Kraucyk said…
WHATEVER!!! Jim... you are a really good artist! Raw talent. I really like your Valentine Kresta. That drawing is so creative. Jim has a great imagination. He has such a great style. I like the way his brain thinks artistically! I too need to start drawing again. Gary keeps bugging me about it. He even put my art table up so I'd get the hint. I can't wait to see more!

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