2 Years ago today

We were sealed for time and all eternity in the LDS Las Vegas Temple.

Wow, what a day! Two years later I can finally look back and laugh. It has seriously taken me that long to not be bitter about the whole weekend. Most Mormon couples get married in an LDS Temple on their wedding day. We were rebels and eloped in the Provo courthouse so we had to wait 1 year before we were able to get sealed in the Temple. 5 years later, we went to the Temple (another story for another day!).

When we got married, it was just James and I, the Judge, and 2 county clerks as witnesses. I don't think my family even knew we were getting married. I imagined our sealing to be our wedding day with most of the hoopla that we skipped. We had 26 of our family and friends drive or fly to Las Vegas. It was wonderful to be surrounded by people we loved. We got sealed on a saturday morning. We were running late that morning so our breakfast was granola bars. We followed mapquest exactly, but got really lost. We were supposed to show up at the Temple an hour early. But after numerous calls to get directions we arrived at the Temple moments before we were scheduled to be sealed. We were rushed in however, the ceremony started really late.

After the ceremony, we got changed and went out to meet our guests, but we couldn't find anyone. At this point James was on a major sugar low (anyone who knows a man knows what this does to their mood). I should mention it was a very cool summer Vegas day. The temperature was only 120 degrees and very windy- seriously who's idea was it to go to a desert in the middle of summer?! We took a few pictures before tempers flared...

For our "reception" we went to Planet Hollywood to eat at the international cuisine buffet. I insisted on wearing these black high heels despite James' protest. I didn't expect to walk for 30 minutes to find the buffet. We walked around in circles lost. By the time we found the place, I was in PAIN (my motto still stands pain=beauty). The buffet hosts wouldn't let all 20+ of us sit by each other without charging a HUGE gratuity so each family was seated in separate areas of the restaurant. The place was so big that we never even ran into each other when we went up to fill our plates.

The rest of the weekend was a blur. All I can remember is that James was mad at me so we didn't talk again until Sunday night. By sunday night I had had enough. I told James he was going out with me alone after all our friends had left and our family was asleep. We walked the Vegas Strip until 4 in the morning. This is my favorite memory of the weekend. We walked hand in hand enjoying all the sights.

Although the weekend didn't turn out how I wanted it to, I am very thankful for James. I love him more than anything and I am so excited to be his eternal partner. 2 years down, a million more to go...


Big wedding days have similar hiccups. It just never works out the way you expect. Glad you're at a point where you can look back and just be thankful for your husband :)

It took me three years before I could watch wedding shows - and the only thing that I was really disappointed about the entire day was that the flowers did not meet my expectations. I still get a little mad when I think about it specifically, but I've at least distance it enough to watch wedding shows again :) Ha ha.

Thanks for sharing.
Josh and Kimmy said…
Josh was mad at me after all our hoopla too...he said I ignored him at the reception and was talking to the guests...who knew??!? lol, men are funny, I'm sure he was hungry at that point too!
I love your stories, some day we should just sit and talk, I'm sure we could be entertained for hours!!

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