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Thanks everyone for your help with identifying the plant in our yard. I compared it with some pictures on the Internet and it does appear to be Elephant Ear. Now I am trying to decide if I should keep it or get rid of it.

I had a few things I wanted to post (since this is what I consider my journal) so I am making one random post with it all......

James brought me home the most beautiful flower arrangement I have ever seen (I think he's trying to make up for forgetting our 7 year anniversary. I think this works, but I won't tell him, I'll let him decide).
We cut down all the rose bushes in our backyard, but James was thoughtful enough to save the roses for me. It was hard to get a picture of them that showed their true color. They are a very bright pink. James knows that if I see something pink I can't help but smile.
Our house is currently a HUGE mess. We started priming the entry way, dining room, kitchen and living room. It is so nice to walk into the mess and see all of these flowers standing out among the paint cans and drop cloths. By the way, if anyone needs/wants extra money, I am willing to pay them to paint and take off the popcorn... I don't want to mess with it anymore.

Echo LOVES our new house. She adjusted very quickly. She gets so excited when we head out to cut the grass because for the first time ever we actually let her roam around the front yard. We finally live on a quiet street so we don't have to worry about her getting hit by a car.

It's that great time of year again (although it makes me sad that we aren't gearing up to head to Hawaii again)... The 2nd movie in the Twilight series is coming out in less than a month. A bunch of ladies from my ward get together and make a shirt that we can all wear together to the midnight showing. This was last years shirt:

and this is what we made for this year:
It's a fun tradition the ladies have started. I enjoy feeling crafty... occasionally.

As some people may know, I have been on the hunt to find my "passion" for the past month. After reading a blog friend's post about this subject (you can read it here M, I hope you don't mind me putting a link to your blog on here) I have pulled out my fancy camera and all my cake decorating supplies again in hope to rekindle that passion (well the photography passion never died, I'm just making it more of a priority). I have also set a few big goals that I feel will help me feel like I have accomplished something in my lifetime.

That's about all I had for this post. We have been very busy doing things inside and outside of our house and I have taken pictures the entire time so watch out for more posts soon.


Josh and Kimmy said…
I can't wait to see the changes in your house! You don't have to pay me to come help either!! Anytime you need it!

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