An unexpected trip

On September 26th, my sweet Grandma passed away. There was no question in my mind, I was going to make the journey out to Nebraska again to be with the family. I was very blessed to have just seen her less than 2 months before and at that time she was in great health.

Like I have mentioned in a previous post, my Grandma lived in a very small town in Nebraska. The closest airport was in Omaha, 4 hours away. So everyone coordinated their flights and we drove together to Cambridge.

I got to spend TONS of time with this cutie! I am excited to see my niece (and family of course) again around Christmas.

Because my Grandma only had Granddaughters, we had the opportunity of being pall barrers (I believe that's what it's called). It was a very nice experience. I am very thankful I've been working out, no one warned us how heavy it was going to be.

My Grandma was a very lovely lady. Everyone had nothing but good things to say about her. She will be greatly missed.

All the Corder girls

All of the Grandchildren. The Corder side of the family is VERY small.

I think my life was blessed to have had her in it. I enjoyed the time I was able to spend with her and the stories about her life. Over the past few years, she started writing down and mailing to me, life stories about her, my Grandpa, their parents, and great grandparents. This is what she wrote about herself and sent to me for christmas last year:

"Alta Mae Wiedeman Corder was born in Cambridge, NE on April 23, 1922. She was the only child of Ralph and Marjorie Wiedeman. Her life was spent in Cambridge until she married Bernard Corder in 1945. Until that time, she had been a legal secretary. Alta Mae and Bernard were classmates at Cambridge High School. Their lives together was quite interesting- their homes were in Cambridge (NE), McCook (NE), Indianola (NE), Trenton (NE), Tale Rivers (MA) and Navajo Dam (NM). Religion has always been congregational. It must be noted that family has always been the prized possession of Bernard and Alta Mae."

Rest In Peace, Grandma! I love you!


Robin said…
What a wonderful tribute to your Grandmother. I loved what she wrote about herself. She has a beautiful family with lovely grand daughters. I am happy that you have so many great memories of her.
Melissa J. said…
So sorry to hear about your grandmother - so glad you got to go and be with your family and remember her.
Grandma Honey said…
I have never heard of women carrying the casket...but of course with all granddaughters that seemed so right. I know you will miss your Grandma but how wonderful that you saw her not too long ago. Knowing you did that will be a blessing to you all of your life.

Your cute little niece!!
I am so sorry to hear about your grandma. She was a very beautiful woman, infact, i think you look just like her! Hope all is well with you guys!
Christy said…
I'm so sorry about your grandmother. She sounded like a sweet woman.

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