I know it may seem that every post now is either about photography or running. I've been trying to think of other things to blog about, but honestly any free moment I have I am either lacing up my running shoes or looking at something through my camera lens. My running partner and I have decided we would like to run a half marathon. So this week we have began the training for that, which means I will be running a lot more than I am already. Bring it! We are also heading to Hawaii again very soon, so I've been working hard to get my body in tip top shape.

I have decided for this post, I am going to blog about some of the many pictures on my phone. They are all from fun times in my life, but they never made it onto my blog. So for "journaling" sake, I'm going to include them on one post.

Echo refuses to let me take pictures of her. For whatever reason, my camera scares her off, but my phone doesn't. She's the only subject I have readily available to take pictures of so when I have an idea I pull out my phone. I thought this was a cute picture of her right after she got a hair cut last summer.

This was the first time I got to meet my sister's baby, Kenley. At this point she was already 5 months old. I hate living so far away from them!

Just a few months before meeting her, we went to Hawaii. I bought this onsie for her and was super thrilled to see her wearing it while I was visiting.

Last New Year's Eve (2010), we went to an Adult Dance in Bakersfield with James' family. My niece Megan had just been blessed so almost all the family was there. This picture is of James, his Grandpa, and his brother Gary. James and Gary wore these jackets to their prom.

I had to get a picture with this handsome fella.

Obviously, this isn't from my phone. This is a picture of James being crowned prom king in the coat that Gary is wearing above and Gary is crowning the prom queen in James' coat. (What good looking boys!!)

The Kraucyk men acting all GQ. I can't remember the story behind James' dad's jacket, sorry.

This is my Aunt Darlene (better known as Dar Dar Medicine Woman or just Dar Dar). She came to visit us a year ago. She lives in southern California. After spending any time with her, my abs are killing me from laughing hard for hours on end. She teaches massage therapy and can work miracles! She is an amazing lady! Miss you!

When I was in Nebraska for my Grandma's funeral last September, all the family went out to eat at a place called Talk of the Town. This was the only restaurant around that was opened on a sunday afternoon. It was walking distance from my Grandma's apartment. Since the restaurant is in a tiny town, our family was too big to accommodate. We had to wait a while for our food and ate in the "banquet room" with all the town's high school football players. To kill time, I took a few pictures of my family. This first picture is of my youngest sister Kaici.

My middle sister, Kyleigh. I hope she doesn't kill me for posting this.

This is Kolbri, my sister right below me.

We went to Jamba Juice the other day. While waiting we saw this sign on the bathroom. We don't EVER make bathroom jokes, but we were rolling on the floor with this one. (I hope we aren't weird and were the only ones laughing about it)

James came home from work one day and handed me a piece of paper with his "doodles" that he drew while talking on the phone. Seriously? Who doodles that well. When I am bored, I usually draw a circle over and over. Once again, he amazes me. I was so excited to see him drawing again!

I have many more pictures from my phone to post. Maybe one day I will get to them.


me said…
i liked this post kresta... a bit of everything... and good luck with the half-marathon!
AJ said…
This was a fun post! I love phone pictures :-) And, wow, can your Hubby draw or what?! That's insane! There is no way I could draw that, talking on the phone or not. Awesome!

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