Cell phone pictures

I didn't realize that it has almost been a year since I blogged all my cell phone pictures, but I guess I should get rid of the almost 500 pictures saved on my phone.

Last spring, James finished our backyard. He built a second level that matches our area above the pool.

And the finished product...

I mentioned on my last cell phone picture post that both of us went in to get allergy tested. I had to go back and get more done on my arm. The circles you see are circles they drew around huge bumps that formed at the injection sites. Yuck!

On May 4th (may the fourth be with you), I always plan a Star Wars themes dinner for James. Here's our menu from last year.

James got a little boat that he enjoyed driving in the pool.

We went to a Dodgers game. It reminded me how much I love baseball and miss going to Cubs games.

Have you ever seen this type of soda machine? They were all over Milwaukee. There were way too many options for me, but I found a cherry fanta that hit the spot.

I made a few different T-shirts to wear to James' softball games.

We celebrated Echo's 9th birthday. Don't worry we don't normally do this for our dogs.

Echo and Rocket enjoyed dog ice cream and cake.

I started drinking green smoothies everyday. I have had so many wonderful benefits from it.

I designed a logo for my photography business. I just need to find someone to clean it up for me.

We gave away our old couches and got new ones that take up our entire front room. We love them (sorry I guess I didn't take a picture of them yet)! It was nice to have a huge empty room for a few days.

We spent a few days with our cute nieces in Disneyland.

James took our oldest niece on the biggest roller coaster there for her first time.

My amazing friend (AKA my wife, not in the legal sense just the best friend way) made us a wedding cake to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

This picture doesn't even do this bouquet justice. I've never seen a bigger bouquet of flowers in my life.

We finally said goodbye to our pink garage door. We bought a new SUV and within hours of bringing it home the garage door began to act weird. We noticed that most of the bolts holding it up were ripping out of the metal. We were afraid that it was going to fall off on the new car.

Our house looks much better with a white garage door.

I got sick and actually took myself to the doctor. Unfortunately, they made me wear a face mask.

We have enjoyed PF Changs many times and actually as I am writing this James is eating it. Most of the time, James insists on sending a picture to our friend to make her jealous.

I always struggle with trying to figure out how to decorate our mantle for Christmas. This year, my mom suggested I start a Christmas tree collection. I love how it looks so far.

Rocket thought the ornaments were her balls. I found many of them smashed.

I decided to combine pancakes and bacon and it wasn't all that bad.

James was the inn keeper for the Nativity and put a $20 bill on the table for whoever hollered the loudest for him...if you know me, you know I didn't win.

Rocket enjoyed helping me wrap the Christmas presents.

James' work team won the championships!

Our good friends went on a cruise and we enjoyed having their kids stay with us for the weekend. I think the highlight for them was the shaved ice for breakfast.

A couple of weeks ago, our friend went into labor early. Their kiddos stayed a night with us. Their oldest insisted on playing and sleeping in Rocket's kennel.

Ok we are up to date now!

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Grandma Honey said…
I so enjoyed seeing all these pictures. Wow. Lots going on. You are so creative Kresta, and so giving.

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