Pumpkin Patch

My favorite seasons are fast approaching. I absolutly love the fall and winter. And I love the holidays that come with it. Since we have been married, James and I have carved pumpkins once. That one time was my first time carving a pumpkin (that I can recall). Growing up my family mostly painted pumpkins. This year, James decided that he wanted to carve a few pumpkins for our church halloween party (all the pumpkins will have a star wars theme, if any of you know James then this will be no surprise to you). We decided to take a little trip to a pumpkin farm to find the perfect pumpkins. This was also a new experience for me. We drove about 20 miles out of town to a cute pumpkin and christmas tree farm. This place had many things to do, all of which cost an arm and a leg. We enjoy seeing animals so before even looking at the pumpkins we headed over to the farm animals. We were able to pet and feed everything there; chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, alpacas, lamas, ponies, goats, and these weird miniature cows. I took this really cute picture of James with his new hair do...
This place also had a corn maze. The rule sign said that everyone has EVENTUALLY made their way out of the maze. We decided not to do it because not only was it expensive, the paths were swarming with bees. I think it is so funny that I grew up around corn and I hated it then. Now, I have to stop and take pictures of any tiny corn patches, which are rare here in California.

We walked up and down many rows of pumpkins. James has a great eye for the perfect pumpkin. We finally left 2 hours later with 5 pumpkins: 2 large ones, 1 medium one, and 2 small ones. I have them arranged on my fireplace until we decide to carve them. I will post pictures when we finish the pumpkins.


Kraucyk said…
What a fun looking pumpkin patch! Great photos Kresta! I especially like the pumpkin ones. You're sure to have some cool looking Star Wars pumpkins with Jim carving them. Good luck and Happy Halloween!!!

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