Now it feels like Christmas

This is overdue, but I haven't been able to get good pictures to post with my blog....

Last monday we put up our christmas tree. The last 5 years we have bought real trees. This year I decided that I didn't want to mess with all the pine needles and carrying the tree out to the curb (I am the one that wants the tree so I have to take care of it ). So we went and bought a beautiful fake one. I was hoping to wait to buy a tree right after Christmas this year when they were all marked down, but I will be spending 2 weeks in Indiana so it won't be possible. We got a great deal! The tree was 60% off. James gave me a huge budget for the tree, and I knew it was going to be more than enough. So I got a new tree, all new ornaments, and tree skirt. I chose to decorate the tree in red and white and gingerbread men. I saw a cute Martha Stewart gingerbread tree last year that I wanted to copy so bad. YIPEE!! I love decorating for Christmas.


Landy said…
Kresta I didn't know you guys have a blog. I'll add you to my sidebar. Nice tree.

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