Wow how time flies!

I can't believe that Christmas is less than a week away. I love the holiday spirit. I think I actually get somewhat depressed on Christmas day because I know that everyone will go back to being grouchy and selfish. I wish that people could be this friendly and generous all year round, but that will never happen. We are having a low key Christmas this year. We are driving down to Bakersfield on the 23rd to do Christmas with James' family. We are tossing around the idea of going skiing again on Christmas eve, but we think that it may be really busy .... we'll see. This Christmas is our first one at home. We don't have to be anywhere. I am planning on walking up a little earlier than usual, going on my walk, and then make a nice big breakfast for James to wake up to. We will open our presents and then head to a movie. I didn't want to cook a big meal for the two of us, so I ordered a nice turkey dinner from Boston Market. It actually came out cheaper than buying everything to cook. The day after Christmas I am going to be heading to the midwest for two weeks. It's funny now that I wrote out our plans, it doesn't seem so low key.... I swear it is!



Landy said…
Kresta- Where did you guys move to?
James & Kresta said…
We moved to Clovis, right by Fresno. We are about 2 hours north on the 99 from Bakersfield. :)

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