Busy Week...

Every year at this time our life gets so hectic. The basketball season has started for James. He has practices on tuesdays, pickup games on wednesdays, and he coaches his team on thursdays. In a few weeks he will also be playing with our ward elder's quorum team two days a week and reffing the games before and after his. Last year our ward team went undefeated, this year they are predicting that they are going to "blow everyone out of the water". I love watching James on the court. He has such a passion for basketball. He is a completly different person when it comes to sports. He is always calm and collected.

I had a few job interviews last friday. We have decided that I should go back to work since we aren't get pregnant. I am still going to be taking my hormones, but we aren't going to focus on it as much as we have been in the last year and a half. It has been so nice not working for that long, but I would love to bring in some extra income. The interview was for a personal assistant to the President of an adolescence substance abusive center. The interview went really well, I was the only person in my group that has had personal assistance experience. My fingers are crossed.

Saturday was really busy. My friend and I had a garage sale. We started at 6am. We had people following us to my house as we were hanging up the signs. In the first 30 minutes, I made $270. It was a great experience. I sold everything I put out including our kitchen table. (Yeah, that means we have no table now). In the end I made $417 towards my new kitchen table. After the garage sale I went straight to the soccer field. We had our second game. This was the first that I played in. Last week I had a cold in my chest so I didn't want to run around in the cold and make it worse. I was surprised at how much fun I had. We played the same team as the week before. Last week they trashed us (because they have a few people that played in high school or college). This week we tied them 4-4. I hope that I made my extremly athletic husband proud.

I am spending every free moment trying to finish my school work for my photography school. I have to have all my projects and tests turned in by March 14th. I have had a year to do it and of course I have put it off until it's crunch time. I deserve all this stress.

I hope that everyone is having a great week.


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