Hawaii - November 27th & 28th

We are home! However, it's bittersweet to be home. I loved every moment I was in Hawaii. I was able to see a lot of things that I remember from my childhood there and somethings that I didn't remember until I was there and then I was flooded with memories. It was the best vacation I have ever been on!! Thanks so much Mom and Dad K!!!!

Here is recap of our trip. We did so much everyday we were there, so I am putting a few days on each post. Watch out I took close to 400 pictures.

November 27th. We arrived in Hawaii. By the way, thanksgiving is a wonderful day to travel. There was hardly anyone in the airports. It was already dark by the time we got our rental car and found our hotel. We picked up some Subway and ate dinner on the beach, played games and then went to bed. We stayed at a nice hotel on Waikiki. There was a street in front of our hotel and then the beach. Here is a picture of the view out our sliding door.

November 28th. We hadn't planned much for this day except to find a walmart and get beach towels, snorkels, and anything else we could think of. Our hotel was next to the Honolulu Zoo so we spent most of the day there after Walmart. After the zoo, we went snorkeling in the ocean in front of our hotel and then got ready to watch the christmas parade down Waikiki.

There is a Zebra in the bottom right corner. I thought this tree was neat so I started to take a picture of it and as I was doing that the Zebra walked by.

3 out of the 4 of us in front of the Flamingos. Can you tell we were looking into the sun?

James and I in front of some pretty plants.

Hawaii has these really neat trees where the branches actually grow down into the ground. I think I heard someone say they were Banyan Trees, but I could be wrong.

We thought it would be neat to take a picture of us near one of these trees.

Cute turtles. Little did we know, we would see turtles all over the island.

Diamond Head from the zoo.


Clay and Kayde said…
cosmokayde1@gmail.comIm glad you had a great time. know that we are jealous stuck here in cold utah. so many of your pictures could be post cards. they turned out awesome
The Millers said…
Well you did well picking out the best pics to post...I bet it was hard, because you had so many good ones! What a fun trip, and you guys sure did conquer some fears! Im glad you guys had so much fun!
Kraucyk said…
You went to the Honolulu Zoo-lulu? Ha ha... stupid Gary joke. Cool pics! And I'm getting too old for the 2pt font. :D
Robyn said…
We stayed right there as well. I wonder if it was the same hotel?!
Brooke said…
It sounds like you guys had an amazing time!!!! I'd love to go there some day. I'm so glad that you had fun.
Skoubs said…
It looks so fun in Hawaii! I've never been!! I forgot you used to live there! I bet it was fun to check out your old house. You pictures were really beautiful!
Lisa Miller said…
Love your view from the hotel. How fun!
Lisa Miller said…
Just read all your posts. I want to go there some day. Everything is so beautiful. That's awesome you were able to find your old house, which is pretty by the way. I don't know that I could swim with sharks. How brave you are!

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