Our getaway to San Luis Obispo

James had to go to San Luis Obispo for a big safety meeting. The day before he was going to leave he found out that all of the big guys were bringing their wives along. So James invited me to join him. We stayed at The Cliff Resort. The hotel was on a cliff right above the ocean. It was beautiful!

Our Hotel is on the top of the cliff The beach at sunset Once we got there, we checked in and went straight to the beach. I can spend hours just sitting on a beach watching the ocean. It always brings back great memories of my childhood in Hawaii. This beach is called shell beach, but I don't understand why. Here's a picture of what the majority of the beach looked like: James doesn't enjoy it as much so we took a stroll on the beach and then headed back to our room to get ready for dinner. We ate at a nice mexican restarunt with one of James' coworkers and his wife and daughter. The next morning James had to go off to his meeting. I headed back down to the beach to take pictures. Unfortunatly, it was really foggy and cold. I sat there for 4 hours watching the surfers and the waves.

James' meeting went great! He was in charge of a few things and presented himself well. Many of the big guys of the company were there and were very impressed with him. He was so excited that he had gone to the meeting. He has been trying to get into managment and he thinks that the facetime he had there will help a great deal with that.

On our way home we hit a big wind storm. We saw the funniest thing (it was funny to us but you guys might think it is no big deal),I wish I would have gotten a picture of this. The wind was blowing so hard it was rolling hundreds possibly thousands of tumble weeds across the fields along the highway. It seriously looked like a stampede of cattle. It was funny until we hit 3 big tumble weeds. We scratched up the front end of the car, but luckily there's no other damage.

We had a great time, but the best part about this entire trip was that we didn't have to pay for anything. The company paid for every dime of it.


Krista Gage said…
Childhood in Hawaii? I do need to get to know you better! James gave a great talk in church. Being in public is obviously one of his good elements. That is a lucky gift! Looks like you had fun. Trips are fun, but free trips are super fun! I hope I see you tonight at Lisa Arcia's (7pm) for the soup recipe exchange.
Robyn said…
I love your first photo. So pretty! I could sit and watch/listen to the ocean for hours as well!
M said…
My in-laws go camping (in their very spacious and luxurious fifth wheel) at San Luis Obispo every Thanksgiving.

The pics are very pretty ... and FREE is certainly nice :)
I love free things!!! Yay for business trips!!! Glad to hear from you, It's been way to long. I hope you guys are happy there. I'd love to get out of Bakersfield!!! Keep in touch.
Landy said…
I love San Luis Obispo and I could sit at the beach for hours doing nothing too. So peaceful...I thought you guys lived in Fresno. Where did you go skiing? Looks like you're having fun.

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