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I thought this might be fun to do because some of you that read this have never met James. Every picture I have of James by himself, he is making a funny face, which I have grown to love. This is the best picture of him.... it's actually kind of funny. If you notice in the picture he is eating a rice crispy treat and drinking his blue koolaid. While he was at work I made him the rice crispy treats with skittles (his favorite!) and then went to see a movie with a friend. So when he got home and noticed that I hadn't left him any dinner, he decided to try and make me feel quilty by taking these pictures of his "balanced" meal. He likes to be a brat.
What is his name? James Michael Jr.
How long have you been together? We have been together for 5 years and 8 months.
Where was your first date? We went to a BYU/ Syracuse game in Provo and then we went back to his apartment and watched Airplane. Well, I watched airplane while he was on the phone in his room for almost an hour. I was about to leave when he finally came back out and explained that he had such a great time on our date that he wanted to break up with his girlfriend. I had no idea he had a girlfriend.
How long did you date? 6 weeks. That's it. He propsed to me on a wednesday and we were married on that friday.
Who said I love you first? James, he would mouth it behind my back until one day I was standing in front of a mirror and saw that he was saying something so I made him repeat it.
Who is taller? He is. I like it that way.
Who can sing better? I have had more experience, but I refuse to sing out loud unless I am by myself.
Who is smarter? We are both smart in our own ways, but he is much more inteligent when it comes down to the nitty gritty stuff.
Who does the laundry? I don't think James knows where the washer and drier are.
Who pays the bills? I do. He makes the money and I spend it. That's how every marriage should work.
Who sleeps on the right side? Him.
Who mows the lawn? We have gardners, but if we didn't I know I would be the one doing the yard.
Who cooks dinner? I do. James has cooked for me 4 times in our 5 years together. His mother has told me he knows how to cook very well, he just refuses to.
Who drives? He does. He says I am not aggressive enough behind the wheel so he likes to drive.
Who is more stubborn? James is by far. I just give up after a while.
Who kissed who first? He did.
Who proposed? James did. Even though we were already planning on elopping that week, he was very set on propsing to me.
Who has more friends? I think I talk to more old friends then he does. But we have about the same number of new friends.
Who is more sensitive? Surprisingly, he is. We might be somewhere and something is said to him that really bothers him. I have to ask, "oh should that bother me too".
Who has more siblings? I do. He has a brother and sister. I have 3 sisters.
Who wears the pants? He does!
I tag: Everyone who hasn't already done this.


The Gage Cage said…
If somebody ate Rice Crispy Treats for dinner I'd have a big smile on my face. I love those things!! I have never mawed a lawn before. I aim to keep it that way. I can't say the same for pulling weeds or other yard work though. It is fun to read about your courtship and life with James. You two are such a fun couple to have in our ward. By the way whats this I hear about you all almost TPing our house on Sat. night? Pretty silly stuff. I'm so glad you decided against it. That would have been funny, but a pain to clean on Sunday morning.
The Gage Cage said…
When I said typed ate I ment to type Made. :)
Miranda said…
You guys are such a fun couple. I laughed when I read about James breaking up with his girlfriend on the phone while you two were on a date. He was lucky you were still there when he got off the phone!

I have never tried skittles in rice krispy treats, maybe I will have to make some!
Landy said…
This post made me laugh. You're funny.
I didn't know alot of that stuff. You guys have a fun realationship. I wish you guys were closer to us (but I wouldn't wish you guys back to bako) I also wish we had gotten to know eachother better. i really hope all is well with you guys. I noticed that you started a new blog, I want to wish you luck in those ventures...
Just me said…
I don't think I knew any of that. I never would've guessed that you guys had eloped!
kelly said…
How cute! I love that he broke up with his girlfriend during your date.

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