Pismo Beach

Once again, James had a staff meeting in San Luis Obispo. Every month he has a staff meeting, but they rotate the location between San Ramon, Concord, and San Luis Obispo. I was lucky enough to change my work schedule so I could go. My boss was so excited for me to get a little vacation that he even cut my deliveries in half so we could leave town at a decent time.

The hotel wasn't as nice as the last time we stayed in Pismo. This hotel was right next door to the other hotel and still right on the cliffs above the ocean, so we thought it couldn't be too bad. We were wrong; the walls were paper thin, the bed was uncomfortable, and there was no air conditioner (I can only sleep when it's cold in the room). James informed that one of the major topics of their meeting was the budget. So he thinks there's a reason why the company put us in this hotel.

We got into San Luis Obispo around 6:30 and drove around trying to find a place to eat. We found a Papa John's (we LOVE papa John's but the only one is in Bakersfield so we don't get to eat it too often) and took the pizza back to our room so James could watch the basketball game (yawn). After the third quarter, we decided to take a sunset walk on the beach. It was beautiful.

The next day James was in meetings all day so I want to Grover Beach, Dinosaur Cave Park, and of course the outlet mall. Grover Beach is interesting because you can drive your car right to the ocean and camp there. I didn't stay there too long because it was set up mostly for cars and not people that just want to walk the beach.Dinosaur Cave Park was really pretty. It's called Dinosaur Cave because the cliffs in this area have caves carved out of them from the ocean. I spent most of my day there. There was a long path along the cliffs above the ocean with a bunch of benches. I walked on the path and watched the ocean and the sea otters playing on the rocks. (The otter picture is a little blurry. I took it with my video camera. It has great zoom, but the camera shake is amplified, with the strong wind and my hungry body I couldn't stabilize the camera enough to get a clear picture)


Brooke said…
Sounds like soo much fun...I love the beach. It's soooo long scince the last time I went. Eric's not a big fan. I love the first beach picture, it's beautiful. When did you get into photography? What kind of camera do you have? I only have a Nikon d40 right now, but we're looking into either a new nikon d300 or a used D2x... not that you care ;)
Landy said…
I'm jealous of all your beach trips.
The Gage Cage said…
Very Pretty Pictures Kresta! I'm glad you and James had a nice getaway.
Lisa Miller said…
Sounds like fun. I love the pictures. The beach is so peaceful. I remember a few years ago we met some friends from Utah and stayed in a beach house. Usually I sleep with a fan for noise, but I didn't need to there. The windows were kept open and I fell asleep to the sound of the waves beating against the shore. So calming!!!

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