Many people have requested that I update my blog. I hadn't realized that it had already been a month since the last time I wrote anything.

Our life has been very unexciting lately. James has been working a lot (his choice, he just loves to work now) so we don't get to spend as much time together as we used to. He also goes out of town at least twice a month now. I miss him when he's gone, but I love the "me time". I usually rent a chic flick, dip me a bowl of ice cream and relax in my pjs. Occasionally, my good friend will come over and keep me company. I am so lucky to have her as a friend!

The movie season has started so we spend most of the weekend at the movies. We have already seen some really great movies and we are excited for many more.

We have decided to stop being chickens and buy a house. The prices have finally gone down enough for us to feel comfortable with the big purchase. Our original plan when we moved to Clovis was not to rent at all but to buy. That was about when the prices started to drop. We are so glad we didn't buy then! We found a home that James is in love with. It's everything he wants. We hope to put in an offer in the next couple of days. Thanks Krista for all your help!!

We have started the adoption process :) After realizing that this was our 5th Mother's Day without a child we decided to do as much as we can to have a child. You can read more about this on our infertility blog. If you haven't gotten an invite for it yet, leave me a comment with your email address. I am thinking about making this blog public so that my family won't be nervous about getting an account to read it, but I am not sure because then I won't feel as comfortable posting the informtaion. We'll see.

I am trying to find some work to do at home. I am only working 9 hours a week. The guy I am supposed to replace isn't able to quit completly yet. We are getting frustrated because the whole reason I got this job was so we would be able to buy a house and pay $700-800+ more a month and not have to change our lifestyle too much. So, if anyone knows any part time at home jobs please let me know about them.

Does anyone know any good websites to post pictures? I am trying to find a website that I can display my photography pictures in different categories.


Robyn said…
I'd love to read more about you guys! My email is robynlamberth@gmail.com. Have you tried looking into flickr.com for you photos? Good luck on putting an offer on a house!
Lisa Miller said…
See, that wasn't boring. I enjoyed reading it. I can't stand it when Dan is gone. Sometimes he goes out of town for meetings. I always miss him. And it never fails that I can't get the door to the gargae locked and have to have someone come over and help me. The weather stripping he put on makes it difficult to lock and if it's not locked I feel so vulnerable.
Jill said…
You have a really good way of expressing yourself Kresta. When you write it is just like you are talking. I would really like to be on your other blog too, IF it is okay with you. My heart goes out to you, it really does.

Jill Shelley
Jill said…
Sorry, I forgot to leave my email address.

By the way, our water heater is still hanging in there. We will never forget how nice it was that you and James came over to help us that December night!
Brooke said…
I don't know where you could post your pics, but I'd LOVE to see them when you do. I love seeing other peoples work. As for the backdrops, I ordered them on Ebay. Do sheets work ok for you? i'm trying to find affordable ways to do other backgrounds. I really really want to get a photography business going out of my house.
The Gage Cage said…
I totally voted for you picture!!! I love that one! I really voted for the picture because it's WAY GOOD not just because you my friend.

I'm excited about the potential of purchasing the house. I sent you a very detailed email of all the business that has gone on today with negotiations. It looks like it will be an exciting ride! I LOVE the property! Thank you for letting me help you. If you thought life was a little quit before, don't worry things are picking up, my friend! Pretty soon you'll wish the slower days back. But after that you and James will have a wonderful home to show for it.=) Love ya!
Landy said…
Well it's about time...I like your new layout and that's awesome that you guys are buying a house and thinking about adopting! Thanks for the update. I was wondering where you went.
Poduska Family said…
Hope its okay that I am a blog snoop... I found your blog via the "Gage Cage" and wanted to say congrats on the house! (I am also curious about your baby blog, if that doesn't make you too uncomfortable.)
Kraucyk said…
I've been denied on your other blog?? Can you add us again? gkkraucyk@gmail.com Thanks!
Jenni Mills said…
Hello. I love seeing your pictures and reading your blog. I enjoy reading them, but I don't think I will ever do them myself, I am not a good writer like you. Also if you don't mind, I would like to recieve the link to your other blog. Thanks for being such an awesome nursery teacher. Anna sure loves her teacher mom's!
Jenni Mills
RMCarter said…
Okay, you don't know me at all, but I have been dealing with infertility for 5 years now. I, too, have an infertility blog: www.inpursuitofparenthood.com.

I would love to read your blog as well, if you feel comfortable. I have been looking for another blog like mine. I think it would be nice to read someone else's story. My email is

(My regular blog: www.carter-forever.com)

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