Mid-life crisis?

James got two new "toys" this weekend and his choices make me wonder if he is going through his mid life crisis already...if so, I need to raise his life insurance.
We set out this weekend to buy 2 new cars. James' 1991 Accord was finally nickel and dimming us to death and my 2005 Saturn was about to need the computer replaced for the 4th time (and of course our warranty just expired). We decided the best thing for us to do was to trade in the Saturn and sell the Honda and get 2 new cars. James was going to get the Scion tc and I would get a practical Honda. He wanted something sporty and sleek; something that "management would drive" and I wanted something that will fit car seats. We spent all last week test driving and researching different cars. Then on friday night we bought James his 2009 scion.
Saturday morning our plan was to go to the Honda dealership and get my car. The first dealership we went to didn't have the color I wanted so we drove across town to the other one. They were able to order the exact one I wanted and have it for me by tuesday.  We told them that we had a trade in so they quickly calculated how much they would give us for it. We owed $5,100 on the car and according to Kelly Blue Book the value was between $6,800 and $8,900. They were only willing to offer us $6,000. The salesman helping us suggested we take the car to Car Max and they might be able to give us more money. So we drove over to Car max. All the way there James was telling me "don't let them talk you into a used car, we only buy new ones". As we were waiting for them to figure out how much they would give us, we wondered the lot looking at all their cars. And then it happened ...... James saw his dream car for a price he was willing to spend..... a Cadillac CTS. They came and found us with the Cadillac keys in hand and said they would offer us $9,000 and took us for a test drive. James gave me the puppy dog eyes and said over and over "please, can I have it". 

So here we are with 2 new gas guzzlers and no practical car for children. Oh well, I guess at least James is very happy now. He told me he never thought he would ever afford a Cadillac and definitely not at the age of 30.

(Sorry I know the pictures aren't great. I was lucky to get James to pose for one of them.)


T said…
Oh my gosh- you guys must love the new rides! It feels good to get something new once and a while, if it can't be a house, you know. Can't wait to see it in person!
Erica said…
Look at you high rollers! Nice cars! One day I'd love to be able to drive something smaller than the monster I drive now (Yukon XL). Enjoy it while you can!
The Gage Cage said…
Wow. Congrats. Car trouble is never fun. I'm glad you both found something you like.
The Millers said…
You're too sweet Kresta...now its giving Alex the idea that he needs to new cars. haha. Just kidding! What an exciting day for you both, I think you are gonna look very nice driving both of those cars as well.
Thats cool. Juan is jealous. He wants a cadillac cts too. But he gets to drive a big toyota sequoia, now that is a gas gussler. I'm happy for you guys though. It's fun getting new things.
Lisa Miller said…
Cool cars. Must be nice! I would love to buy a new car. I'm jealous!
Just me said…
I want a new car so bad! Well, a second car. I think the closest carmax is way too far for me to drive to look at cars though.

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