I was tagged by my friend Lisa and since I have nothing to blog about I thought I would do this one.

7 random things about me

1. I absolutely love to read. I freak out if I am almost done with a book and don't have at least 2 back ups to choose from as soon as I am finished with the one I am reading. I have way too many books on my "to read" list right now, it almost makes me depressed.
2. My hair is wavy/curly but I straighten it every day even if I am just going to throw it up into a ponytail. Every once in a while James will tell me to "treat" myself and don't straighten it so usually put in a ponytail and let it do it's curly q thing.
3. I had my first cavities last month. It makes me sad because I feel like my teeth aren't "natural" anymore.
4. Cords make me angry. I hate our living room because there are a million cords behind the tv that I can't get to look neat. One day I will find the perfect thing that will hide all cords in my house.
5. I am always shopping online mostly on Amazon. I think I find a lot more awesome deals online than in stores.
6. I love the Christmas season, but not Christmas day (because then it's all over). I love to decorate my house for Christmas.
7. I have a potpourri tart burning all the time. I try to coordinate the smell with the season or with something I am going to bake and want my house to smell more like that. I have a kitchen drawer full of tarts. This is all thanks to my Mom and her habit of burning tarts too.

Lucky 7's and Crazy 8's

7 Things I Can Do...
1. Bake. I love to have people over so I can try out new recipes. James won't try anything new so I am stuck eating it all (oh darn) if I don't share it with others. I just tried out a new peanut butter chocolate brownie thing last weekend that I think is soooo yummy.
2. Decorate cakes. I haven't actually done a cake in almost 2 years. I have turned my attention over to decorating cupcakes instead, but I still spend lots of my free time thinking of different ways to decorate a cake.
3. Shop without spending too much. I have been good about shopping only when I know I have money to spend. I think I spend more money when I go shopping with James because he always tells me to just buy it or takes it out of my hands and pays for it before I can talk myself out of it.
4. Clean. Since I only work a very few hours a day, I have plenty of time to clean. I have made it a habit of picking up the house every morning before I go to work.
5. Do just about anything with the computer. I have had many boring hours doing nothing at previous jobs so I have played around with lots of different computer programs.
6. Do neat things to pictures in photoshop. I watch a photoshop tricks podcast on my laptop while working along with it on my mac. I have learned so many really cool things to do with pictures.
7. I like to think I can take pictures, but I am not so sure lately. I was getting frustrated that my pictures weren't turning out the way my classes said they should. I sat down and experimented with all the controls on my camera and realized that the dumb thing is broken or something and does nothing when I change the aperture and shutter speed. So I am in the market for a new one.

7 Things I Cannot Do...
1. Whistle. I have tried constantly for 15 years. I don't know if I will ever be able to do it.
2. Talk in front of a group of people. I am way too shy for this. I haven't earned a degree yet because I have to take a speech class and I can't do it.
3. Eat meat. I think I am technically a vegetarian although it's not for any animal rights reason. I just can't stand the taste of meat, especially red meat.
4. Swallow pills. About 12 years ago, I was taking an Excedrin to get rid of a migraine on the way to school and the pill got stuck. Luckily, we were not too far from the hospital so my mom took me there. 8 hours later, I went in to have the pill surgically removed. At that point it had burnt a hole in my esophagus. I have a flap of scar tissue that causes everything to get stuck. I eat really slow because I have to chew everything into little pieces (another reason why I hate meat- it takes to long to chew). A few years ago, I tried to swallow half of a tiny pill and it got stuck. Fortunately, my mother-in-law was there to do the Heimlich on me.
5. My hair in different ways. I have 3 ways I style my hair and that's it because I don't know what to do with it.
6. Figure out how to organize my kitchen so there's enough room for my ever growing food storage supply.
7. Ride roller coasters or go on anything that is high up.

7 Things That Attracted me to James

1. His love for the Gospel.
2. He's tall, dark, and handsome.
3. His dark hair with bright blue eyes.
4. His confidence in any situation.
5. He's active and athletic.
6. He's a gentlemen. He opens all doors for me (even the car door), he gets mad at me if don't wait for him to open the door.
7. Last, but not least- His mind. He is so creative and intelligent.

7 Things I say Most Often...
1. "Hey Babe"
2. "Good morning, what do I have for work today?"
3. "awww how sad"
4. "I'm going to bed"
5. "What do you want for dinner?"
6. "You look good today."
7 . "Have you taken any new pictures lately" (my boss and I talk about photography all the time.

7 Favorite Foods...
1. Cheese
2. homemade chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk
3. Fried rice
4. black beans
5. potato soup
6. yogurt
7. homemade tortillas


8 TV Shows I Like To Watch...
2. Jon & Kate plus 8
3. Smallville
4. Man vs. Wild
5. The Office
6. House
7. Pushing Daisies
8. My Name is Earl

8 Things That Happened Yesterday...
1. James and I had the day off so we slept in
2. We went and saw Madagascar 2
3. We went to Target and bought James the Clone wars movie and the Clone Wars Light saber Duel game.
4. We went out for Tepenyaki (I can't get enough!!).
5. I took a nap.
6. We took Echo out for a nighttime walk.
7. I cooked a healthy veggie filled dinner ... and it was good!
8. I worked out for an hour.

8 Favorite Places To Eat...
1. Tokyo Steakhouse
2. Panera Bread
3. In-n-out
4. Taco Bell
5. PF Changs
6. CHICK-FIL-A. I am so glad they just opened one here.
7. Logan's Steakhouse
8. Famous Dave's BBQ

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To...
1. If you couldn't guess this one .... HAWAII!!! (15 days)
2. the Holidays
3. To be a mother
4. James' surprise birthday trip in march
5. the Twilight movie
6. the next book I am going to read
7. sundays when I get to go to RS
8. seeing my family

8 Things On My Wish List...
1. to live closer to my family, but still close to James'
2. a house of our own
3. a child
4. that's about it, I really don't wish for a lot of things

8 People I Tag...
everyone that reads this :)


Melissa said…
hey!! thanks for posting on my blog. I'm from the midwest indiana. haha heard of terre haute?? i live about 20 miles south of there.. its funny you said "small farming town" the town just north of me a few miles where i went to school is called "farmersburg" haha you could live there. :o)
nice meeting you..i hope to keep in touch and stay caught up on your blog. :o)
The Millers said…
I was excited to see that you posted...but sad because now I am tagged...hmm... haha, but thanks for posting anyways! I feel like I learned a few things about you. Funny stuff though...your #1 fav. food...cheese, while that is probably James' #1 least favorite food. haha. That kinda sucks. And I have to say, I'm proud of you because it sounds like you've been using your new workout equiptment a lot lately...you are so good! Well, that was fun, I am glad to posted some good stuff about yourself!
The Gage Cage said…
It's been a looooong time since I've had a chance to read everybody's blog. I liked this entry a lot Kresta. I didn't know you don't eat meat. I wish I had known that when I brought you dinner after your surgery. I hope all your wishes come true. Tel James I am impressed by his game creations! Have a great time in Hawaii! Aloha!
Lisa Miller said…
Thanks for doing that Kresta. I love it. I learned a lot more about you. Wouldn't have guessed you have curly hair as well. And, I want that peanut butter brownie recipe.
Josh and Kimmy said…
You can graduate college!!! haha, I hate public speaking too and I took it Independant Study through BYU. You write a speech, tape it on a recorder and mail it in! It is soooo cheating on the whole concept but I got an A! :)

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