I am not a big fan of setting resolutions mostly because I get way too disappointed in myself when I don't achieve them. After reading many blogs with other peoples goals, I decided to try again this year. I know it is already past the beginning of the year, but here are my resolutions for 2009.

1. Cook at least 6 times a week. We eat out ALOT! I enjoying cooking, but only when I know what to cook. So I have started planning out our meals for the week and getting all the ingredients on monday. This has made dinner time much more pleasant.

2. Make to-do lists and write them down in my calender.  I always get stressed out towards the end of the week because I plan everything for fridays, but I don't write down what needs to be down. When friday rolls around I am running around trying to do and remember everything.

3. Send out birthday cards to friends and family... on time. I have written every one's birthdays in my calender and put send birthday card on the to-do list for the week before.

4. Keep up on the cleaning. Most people think our house is a "museum", but that is only because I slave over it every friday and they happen to come over soon after that. I have assigned a separate room to clean each day of the week. This way the chores are split up over the week and not crammed into friday.

5. Read 30 books. I set a goal of 20 last year and managed to reach 27. I hope to do a little better this year.

6. Blog more than once a month. This is a really tough one. I don't find our life interesting enough to blog about it. This is my journal and I will be making a yearly blog book so I don't want it to only have 12 entries. I don't know what I will write about. I am sure most of it will be completely stupid or boring.

So there we have it. We will see how well I do.


Jill said…
I think those are great goals. How about doing a post on what you make for dinner for a week? I'd love that. I am always so curious about what people eat. And maybe you could do a blog on some of those books...the ones you like. I think you are a very interesting writer. You are honest, and just tell it like it is from your perspective. I always enjoy reading what you have to say...whatever subject it is on.
James & Kresta said…
Thanks Jill for your comment. You are so sweet! I like your idea about writing about what I cook and read. I think I just might do that. Thanks for the suggestion!
Robyn said…
Reading more is a great goal!

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