Bringing music into our home

About a year ago I wrote a blog about how much I loved music (you can read it here) and would love to learn to sing or play the piano better. I have been waiting for an opportunity to do something about that. For Christmas, I got a wonderful gift card from my parents. I spent half of it, but the other half I wanted to save to buy something big with it. I decided that I wanted a piano. We looked everywhere for an actual piano store with no luck. We decided to check at Guitar Center just in case they had pianos for some reason. That's where we found this:

It's not an actual piano, it's a digital piano. It plays just like a normal piano. The only differences is there is an on/off switch, which will be wonderful when we have little ones running around our house. After weighing the options (all pros and no cons) I decided this is what I wanted.

I have spent at least 2 hours every day this week playing it and trying to learn where I left off. James has even started teaching himself how to play. His goal is to "blow me away", which I would love for him to do.


Josh and Kimmy said…
How exciting! I love pianos and can't wait to have one! (probably next house though, don't know how we'd fit one here) My mom wants to give me her's which would be amazing! She just has to talk my dad into a new one for her!
Jill said…
How wonderful! Music can set the tone for a home, and your children will love hearing their Mom play! I agree with you that playing good music has no cons, only pros.
5joys said…
Congrats on the piano!!! Love the on/off button!
Skoubs said…
My sisterhas a piano similar to that. She loves it! I'm impressed you want to play more. I never could motivate myself to like playing. Poor Sister Washburn tried to teach me and I resisted! :) Good times.

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