Then & Now

I finally had a chance to look through all my old pictures and scan them. I thought these pictures of Hawaii before 1991 and then in 2008 were neat to compare. Most of these pictures are almost exactly 20 years old.

This is the picture of my Mom I had referred to in another post. This is in December 1988. She is standing in front of the tree that I carved K's in when I was younger.

This is me standing in front of the same tree in November 2008.

This is a picture of my sisters riding down the street on their bikes in December 1988. The street had a slight down hill slope (which I remembered being much steeper than it actually was) so we would ride our bikes to the top and then coast down back to our house. This was a lot of fun until one day my younger sister lost control, went up the sidewalk, and knocked her head pretty hard on a mail box. I don't remember riding our bikes down the street after that.

This is a picture of the same street in November 2008.

Here I am oh so proud of my bike. Even back then I had a love for pink. This picture was also in December 1988, I was 6 1/2. 20 years later, this is where we parked to take pictures of my old house.

I didn't even think about taking a picture at the swap meet when we were there last year, but this is me there sometime before 1990.


The Millers said…
Seems like a lot stayed the same after 20 years...well, speed bumps were added. Very cute pictures from when you were younger!
Brooke said…
How fun to be able to go back and see things from your childhood!! Thanks for sharing!!!
Skoubs said…
So cute! Love seeing you when you were little! How time flies huh?!
Kolbri said…
lol! I have a scar from that bike ride down the hill! I did it with my eyes closed!!

Kraucyk said…
What a cute little Kresta! Those are some cool comparison pics. I really like those trees. Any idea what they are called?
me said…
I love your black and white striped spandex! That is great.
5joys said…
What fun pics! Thanks for your nice comment no my blog! Isn't organizing fun? Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
Things are always so much bigger when we are little (in reference to the slope of the road).

I remember when I was little and living in a different school system, going to mount baldy for a field trip and thinking how BIG it was (and somehow easier to climb). Then coming back years later and realizing it wasn't quite as big as I thought it was although it was MUCH harder to get to the top.

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