Happy Birthday James!

Today is James' 31st birthday (can you believe that Mom K?!). Here are some pictures of him courtesy of Mom K's scrapbook.

James was 10lbs. 5oz. and 22" long. Some days I am thankful we are adopting a child because I know we will have big babies. James' mom wrote this in his scrapbook, "Great Aunt Doreen Dartnell made Jimmy a 'Here Comes Trouble' tee-shirt to wear home from the hospital. It was size 2T!!!""On the first day of preschool, Jimmy jumped out of the car, looked back and said 'See ya!' He broke my heart."James has always been very athletic. He played many sports and won many awards.He started playing basketball when he was 5 years old and hasn't stopped yet. I am worried for the day when his health won't allow him to play anymore. I think he will be completely lost.
James has way too many nicknames: Jim, Jimmy, JJ, Jay, James, etc. I love it! I can always tell what time in his life he knew someone by what they call him.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday and a great surprise (more on this later)!


Robin said…
Okay . . . you made me cry with all the memories. I'm so glad you pulled off the surprise trip. I can't wait to see pictures and hear stories. Happy Birthday, Oldest Son of Mine.
Chris said…
Well Happy Belated Birthday to James! (I still have never met him) Someday maybe! :) Hope it was a great day!
Josh and Kimmy said…
Happy Birthday to James! I'm glad you pulled it off. And don't worry, I know a guy that played basketball well into his eighties with his ward and he was the most agressive one out there! (my brother aspires to be him!)

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