Thursday really sneaked up on me this week. I thought today was wednesday until about an hour ago, opps! This thankful thursday has been really tough for me. I am thankful for way too many things, but I think I have finally decided on one for today.

Springtime! I usually hate spring in California because it means the summer heat is just around the corner, but this year the beautiful blooming flowers are making me really happy. My favorite thing to photograph is flowers. I have been tempted to walk into many people's yards and start taking pictures of all their flowers. I have also enjoyed the warmer, but still cool weather. As I have stated many times I HATE summer and LOVE cold cold winters. I think spring time is a good middle ground.


Brooke said…
What pretty pictures! I love spring time too. The whole delivery and pregnancy was tough, but i definatly still want more. I know that you guys would go through anything to have a baby, and I feel the same way. I pray for you all the time that the adoption will happen quickly.
Chris said…
Hey! So does your fam still live in IN? My fam is mainly in UT. Kar lives in AZ though. It is fun!! I love spring flowers too! I'm surprised how many beautiful desert flowers there are!!
Robin said…
What gorgeous pictures!!!! I am glad you are getting a little bit of Spring. I can't wait for the heat. Bring it on . . . I hear the pool calling me. Love ya!

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