I know I missed a week again. Our Internet is being really dumb and will only work on occasion. It will conveniently stop working when I sit down to write a post. I need to get a different Internet, but I don't even know where to start (any suggestions??)

This week (actually this whole month) I have been thankful for service opportunities. I am horrible at service, but I feel wonderful once I do it. I know there are so many people out there that could use a little help and I definitely have the free time for that. I have a few quotes that I read often to give me the right attitude towards service. I thought I would share them. Hopefully it might motivate someone else.

"He that serves his fellow man, serves God." King Benjamin
"To ease another's heartache is to forget one's own." Abraham Lincoln
"Our lives are like shoes, to be worn out in the service of God." Spencer W. Kimball
"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way."


Robin said…
Thanks for the reminder about service. You are so right!
Chris said…
That is something I am not always good at. I really love doing service once I'm actually doing it. I just need to be reminded. :) Thanks!!

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