I Love Competition

Sunday was my 21st birthday (okay add about 6 years to that *sigh*. Sad story- when we were in Vegas, we did play a few slot machines. On the last day there I commented on how odd it was that I hadn't been carded at all because I am usually hunted down the moment I step into a casino. James' response was: "because you are looking more mature". I think he really wanted to say I look old, but knew better). Once again, this year I was spoiled. I have the greatest family and friends! Thank you everyone. Since, I posted baby pictures of James (without him knowing) I thought it would only be fair to put some pictures up of me when I didn't look so mature.

My first baby picture
My first birthday
My 2nd birthday
Around my 3rd birthday
My 5th birthday

Every year for every gift giving holiday, James and I always compete against each other to give the other person the best presents. I thought for sure I beat him this year with his surprise trip to Vegas. I am sad to admit we are now tied. The saturday before my birthday he gave me 3 very appealing options for my birthday present: 1. something cheap and simple 2. something four legged or 3. something expensive and fun. The obvious choice for me was #3. So he took me to Boot's Camera and told me to pick out any camera I wanted. I spent about an hour with the salesman testing out and going over different cameras. I finally decided on this camera:
I have been wanting a digital SLR camera for a very long time, but I would always settle for a point and shoot with the same features. After my brand new camera broke in Vegas, James had enough and splurged.

This is the first picture I took with my camera. I already LOVE it!!


Brooke said…
Congrats!!! Happy birthday!!! I love my digital SLR's I personally prefer Nikon, but I here that the EOS is a good choice!! Cool picture!!!
Josh and Kimmy said…
That Rebel is the one I have and I love it!! It's so much fun to take a million pictures with! Hope you had a great birthday!!
Jill said…
You look so much now like you did on your first birthday. I can totally see you in that picture. What a very cute little girl! I'm looking forward to seeing many pictures with your new camera! Happy late Birthday!!!
scubamom said…
Happy Birthday! You will love and use your camnera for many many years to come!
The Millers said…
I do love that you guys have agreed that its a 'tie'...haha. You both did very good though. I'm gonna have to sign us up for anniversary pics or something. We could always use more pictures together that look really good. I know, we could all go to BORA BORA, and then you could take really good pictures of us there. HA! Or just woodward park... Anyways, I hope you do have fun taking really awesome pictures now!
Clay and Kayde said…
So happy belated bday! I am so sorry that I was a space case and forgot to call. I love you and I am glad that we are sisters-in-law. You are the best. You are always so thoughtful and kind to everyone. It sounds like you had a fun bday. Sorry again. love ya
Chris said…
How fun! I want a new camera so bad! Mine works for now though. Sounds like your birthday was a good one! I can't believe we 27 this year!! Remember when we were just becoming beehives?! So weird!
AubreAnn said…
Looks like you had a good B-day, little lady :) You deserv it! What kinda camera is that? I'm getting a Canon Rebel XSI

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