James The Go Getter

I mentioned a few months ago (here) that James got accepted into a wonderful career building mentorship program with PG&E. A few weeks ago he had the opportunity to go out of town to meet all the potential mentors. At the end of the day, all new mentorees (I think that's what they would be called) were asked to write down the top 3 people they would like as their mentor. After all the lists were turned in , the mentors met together and discussed who would work best for them. James was very ambitious and decided to list the man in the highest position with the company as his number one choice. Honestly, why wouldn't you?! Before leaving, James talked to a few other people and was surprised that no one else had put this guy on their list at all.

Friday James got his mentorship assignment .... the big guy he wanted, his #1 choice. I am so proud of James! He is not afraid of anything and is willing to do what he needs to to work his way up the company. James' boss was excited for him, but said "I hope you are willing to move". If we have to move anywhere besides Bakersfield, that means he is getting a nice promotion, so in that case we are more than willing to move.

Good Job!!!!


Robin said…
Now this does not surprise me at all. Jay has always been very intelligent and a deep thinker. Congratulations Son!
The Millers said…
Woah that is pretty cool. It doesn't necessarily mean you have to move, right? Well keep us updated on what happens.
Josh and Kimmy said…
Where is the #1 guy at? My dad's best friend just started working for...can't remember, maybe #2? He's in San Francisco but will be living here and commuting. They've been in Virginia and he did lobbying and stuff for PG&E but that's about all I know. Bay area would be fun but sad if you leave!
The Gage Cage said…
SWEEEEEET! Go James!!!!!!! We'll miss you if you have to leave...baseball will never be the same with out you two! SO excited for you though. Hopefully you just get to stay here and get rich at the same time!

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