Now that our adoption profile is public, we would like to start a new thing. We thought it might be helpful for potential birth parents to get to know us a little better. Each Monday we will post a question that we will both answer individually. The questions might be about ourselves or something about us as a couple, but James and I will answer with our own opinions.... so you never know what you will get. We need help coming up with questions to start, so please leave comments with any kind of questions for us to answer. They could be goofy or serious, we don't care. We know there are a lot of people who read our blog that we have never met so we encourage you to leave questions for us also. Thank you!


Jill said…
I think it would be interesting to know what the top 5 things you love about each other are.
Chris said…
That's a great idea. Um...What are your favorite memories as children?

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