A week with my family

I spent all last week in Indiana and Wisconsin. I went out there for my niece's blessing. It was wonderful seeing all my sisters and meeting my niece for the first time. She is beautiful!

My Dad declared Kenley his "sleeping buddy". He loved to hold her because he could use it as an excuse to take a nap too.

I thought she looked too cool with her glasses so I had to take a picture.

This is a onsie I bought for her when we were in Hawaii. It says "Happy Honu", which means Happy Turtle. It's supposed to bring good luck and health (and we all know she could use some good health!)

Like always, I took WAY too many pictures so I am splitting my trip up into a few different posts.

Getting out there was uneventful, but getting home was a challenge. I was supposed to leave to come home on Saturday at 7:05 am. At 6 am, the airline called me and told me my flight had been canceled. Luckily, I was in line to check-in so I talked to them right a way to figure out how I was going to get home. They gave me a few options, but the best one was to take a flight at 5:15 pm. So I had more time to spend with my family. I had to take a connecting flight in Phoenix to get to Fresno. We left a little late. 30 minutes into the flight, the captain explained that they were going to turn around and make an emergency landing because our plane wouldn't pressurize. I am scared to death of flying, once I saw the flight attendant standing at the emergency exit getting ready to open it (while we were still 20,000 feet up) I almost had a heart attack. Fortunately, we landed before she needed to open it. We were lead back into the airport and told to wait to see if they had another plane for us or if we were going to have to stay the night. The airport was very eerie. All the flights for that night had left, all the shops closed, and most employees had gone home for the night. I was so worried that I would be stuck in Phoenix. I just wanted to get home. 10 minutes later, they pulled up a new plane for us to get home in. I was so happy when I finally saw James 13 hours later than I was supposed to.


Jill said…
What a nightmare that flight was. I've never heard of a plane not being able to pressurize. You were lucky to have gotten out of there!
On another note, Kenley is very cute!!

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