Girls Shopping Trip

All last week, I was on vacation. My boss was going on a vacation so he closed the office and gave me the week off too. James wasn't able to take last week off with me so I decided to plan a girl's getaway. Two of my good friends and my sister-in-law came with me on a shopping trip to San Francisco. We decided to trade in the 110+ degree weather for 50's and 60's. It was a wonderful break from the heat!

We shopped our way up there on thursday stopping at a few stores along the way. Finally around 7pm, we got to San Francisco. We stayed at the Westin St. Francis. We had a beautiful hotel room in the Union District right in the middle of all the shopping. Here is a view from our window:

We went out for pizza and then did a little shopping before going back to our room to play games and hang out. Friday, we shopped ALL day long. You will notice a lack of pictures. We were too busy trying clothes to bother taking out our cameras. On saturday, we decided to go home a different way and stop at the Gilroy outlets on the way back into town. Here is the car after all our shopping (this is only part of the bags):

I have such awesome friends! It was so nice to splurge on myself for a change. I hope we are able to do that again real soon!


Jill said…
How very very fun!! Was the St. Francis hotel really old? If so then I may have stayed there when I was a kid. I know it was called the St Francis hotel. It was very old even back then and very ornate, so maybe that was a different one.
Chris said…
That sounds heavenly!! I love San Fran. :)
Robyn said…
Very jealous! I love San Francisco and shopping with the girls is always a blast.

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