I am struggling with my thankful thursday this week. It seems like everything I am thankful for I have already blogged about so this week I am taking a break and posting a few random thoughts I have. (My friend does this on her blog and I love to read it)

1. I am hoping July goes as fast as June, if not faster!
2. I think I might actually be able to survive the summer. I have made myself wear shorts everyday despite the fact that half the Clovis/Fresno population are now blind because of how white they are. We have also keep the house at 72 degrees. I am scared to see our electric bill in a few weeks. I think a combination of these two have helped me stay cool, mentally at least.
3. This is the first full week that James and I will get to spend together since I think May. We are loving the time together, although we are bored to death. I think absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder.
4. I am actually very happy with my life and where it is headed. I still haven't reached my two major goals of having a family and a house (by the age of 25), but I don't care. I know it will happen in time. I am enjoying all the time and money we won't have when we achieve one or both of those goals.
5. I am finally embracing my age (ha!) and considering buying wrinkle cream. I don't think I have any major wrinkles yet, but I want to be prepared. Every since our trip to Las Vegas and the fact that I never got carded, I have been trying to figure out ways to get back my youthful look, which I am hesitantly realizing isn't ever going to happen.


Josh and Kimmy said…
I didn't get carded once in Vegas either! I kept my ID on me too because I was hoping to be. I guess I'm not as young as I feel either!

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