Our first big project

When we moved into our new house, we knew the master closet was going to be an issue for us. (I have to apologize ahead of time for some of the pictures. Taking good pictures of closets is close to impossible!)

We were able to fit half of our clothes in there and the way the closet was set up it felt very tight.

James decided that he wanted to tackle the closet first and make it work better for us. He worked so hard pulling out all the built-ins.

I have mentioned many times before that I think James is brilliant! He proved that to me once again. While at OSH, deciding what to do with the closet, James knew we could fit all our clothes on the back wall only. So we bought a neat closet organizer. We decided to paint the closet a bright color so it didn't feel so dark and boring.

And sure enough, all our clothes fit on one wall with plenty of room to spare.

James wanted to make the closet my "sanctuary" so he decided to get me a nice bench (with more storage).

He also got a beautiful Lingerie Chest for all the clothes I had on the top shelf in our old closet.

The finished product is beautiful. I enjoy getting ready in there now and it feels huge!


RMCarter said…
Very nice job! You've got quite a catch there!! :)
Jill said…
I never would have thought to paint the inside of a closet blue, but it looks so nice! Your clothes look so pretty against the blue. And if you don't mind, where did you and James find that wonderful leather storage bench?
Thanks Jill! We actually found the storage bench at target! They have brown and black ones right now.
Wendy said…
Looks fantastic!! Way to go.
Kraucyk said…
You guys are pros! Gary wants to know if you were on "Pimp my closet?" Your closet looks so amazing! Great job guys! Now, the next time you visit you'll have to redo ours.
Robin said…
That's my boy!!! Or should I say, he's the man! Either way, he sure does spacial things well. That closet looks awesome!
Jen and Mondel said…
Wow...it looks amazing!!
scubamom said…
So does he belong to "Rent a hubby"? I wish my closet looked like that!

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