Paint Job

It is amazing how much of a difference a few coats of paint can make. It has taken us a while to paint the living room and dining room areas. In that time we changed our mind on the color way too many times to count. We finally agreed on a color palette and went with it.

This is what the living room looked like when we moved in:

This is what it looks like now:

James once again amazed me by coming up with the idea of dark brown accents. We used the dark brown behind the built-in to make it stand out and then brown on the kitchen over hang to tie the two rooms together. We will eventually paint the inside of the front door this same color brown to tie the entry way to the rest of the main area (we are taking a painting break until after the holidays, I insist on having a neat house for a little while before we mess it up again!).

We love the way the fireplaces pops now.

We are working on buying all new decorations for this area. Our first purchase was this rug. We liked the clean look of the tile, but once it started getting colder outside, the tile got colder on our feet. We think this rug really makes it feel homier.

This is the dining room before:

and after:


Kraucyk said…
Kresta! This looks really nice! Great color choice! Your built in bookshelves are awesome. I think it's pretty cool that Jim has a little cubby for each of his game systems. ;) Oh, and I really like your living room rug.
Jill said…
Amazing what paint and hard work can accomplish. I really like the rug too!!

Now you probably feel like the house is really your home.
btw, we went by and looked at your lights....very pretty!!
SpaceyKasey said…
Your house is great! I love the dark brown accents. How fun.

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