Guest Bathroom

Before Thanksgiving, I got tired of walking into this two tone purple bathroom, so I painted it. For all these months it has been painted but nothing else. We finally completed it. It's one of my favorite rooms in the house now. I did everything in this room (with James looking over my shoulder when I was messing with electricity)


I changed out the switch and plugs and put on cute bronze plates to match all the other bronze accessories in the room.

I know the people before us had to have spent a lot of money on the towel racks and matching shelves, but they weren't our taste.

We found a nice bronze light that matched the towel racks and light switches.


SpaceyKasey said…
It looks so much bigger! You do such a great job.
Robin said…
You're the man!!!! I love it. It looks awesome.
Laura said…
Wow your house looks great. Loved your comparison with the toothbrushes.

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