Our updated guest room

We have spent every waking moment over the past few weeks finishing all our projects that we had started around the house. My parents came to visit this past weekend so I wanted to get the guest room finished.

The before:
We hated this room it was so dark. Once I started painting, I noticed the that the ceiling and baseboards were painted yellow, which added to the darkness in the room.

(sorry about the weird spots on the pictures, I took these pictures quickly before heading to the airport with my iphone camera.) We love how much lighter it is with the blue.

We even changed the light switch to rockers and the plugs to the more updated square ones.


Christy said…
Wow you guys have been busy! I am still trying to figure out what I want to do in my house. haha
Clay and Kayde said…
Looks great. I bet it took a ton of primer
Robin said…
It reminds me of Hawaii Blue!!! It's really nice!
scubamom said…
What a great room! Isn't it amazing what a difference new paint makes!

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