A few weeks ago, I spent a couple days in Southern California with James' family. While I was there, I decided to get in some more practice and take pictures of all my nieces. Sorry the pictures look a little grainy on the blog.

Meltdown! I had a cute idea for a pictures, but I didn't plan very well and tried to do that last. By then they were all hot, tired, and cranky.


Clay and Kayde said…
Hey those turned out cute. You got a lot of cute ones of Madi and Molly before the meltdown. Good job!
Jill said…
That 3rd picture...the one of the little baby in yellow...looks SO MUCH like James!

You did a great job on these pictures...what cute children!
Robin said…
Love them all, especially the meltdown. What an awesome Auntie you are!
Kraucyk said…
Those came out SO good! I'll have to get some copies of those. You are a great photographer! The meltdown picture is classic! Love it!!!
ADORABLE nieces AND pictures!! How long have you been doing photography stuff?? I thought about taking classes, is it fun?? Thanks for your comment, we would be moving out of the ward and that makes me sad, but who knows if we get the house right?? We'll have to keep in touch! We would love to come over and see the house in person and all the upgrades you have done!~ Melissa

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