New Furniture

After impatiently waiting 7 weeks, our new furniture finally arrived. We have been so excited for these 2 pieces of furniture.

The first piece is a Murphy Chest. It's just like a Murphy Bed, but instead of going on the wall it's in a dresser. We have been looking for a Murphy bed. While on the treadmill one day, James and I saw a commercial for a furniture store that carried Murphy Beds. When we got there, they only had Murphy Chests on display. As soon as we saw it we had to get it.

This is what it looks like closed.

And here it is open.

Due to our weird angled hallways, this bed is in our ping pong room instead of the guest room. So until we get rid of the old guest bed, we have 2 guest rooms (hint, hint!)

While waiting for the lady at the furniture store to order our Murphy Chest, we decided to walk around the store and then we found this.....

Please ignore the fact that there's a queen sized mattress on a Cal King bed. We aren't really planning on getting a bigger mattress yet (we like the temperpedic mattresses and sadly they are really expensive).

When James redid our closet, we decided to store our shoes under the bed. It soon became easier to just throw our shoes in piles around the room. We wanted a Captain's Bed that would store our shoes. This one will fit 6 of my pairs nicely.

We have been slowly working on getting rid of all our furniture that looks like it could be in a dorm room. We now only have our desk left. Yay!


Jill said…
That chest bed is amazing! Did you get this a Gary Os?
So you like your temper pedic mattress?...we have tested them out many times but haven't made a decision yet. Nice to know you like yours.
Clay and Kayde said…
Those look so nice. I didn't even notice the smaller mattress. They were worth the wait
Amy said…
LOVE the furniture.
Christy said…
I love the murphy chest. I want one! :) It would be so nice in the guest room since ours is so tiny. :)

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