We've been busy!

A month and a half ago, we ordered new furniture for our bedroom and for our guest room (whichever room we decide to use for it). Luckily, the furniture (pictures will come as soon as we get the furniture) was purchased at a natural wood store so it would take 4-6 weeks to be stained and finished for us. We decided to take advantage of this time and finish the rooms that this furniture might go into. We kept putting it off until finally we just paid someone to do some of the work over memorial day weekend.

We had 3 rooms remaining with popcorn ceilings. James and I scrapped them and then we had someone come in and mud, texture, and paint them. This is a picture of our new master bedroom ceilings. We love how the inset looks now.

Once the rooms were done, we painted them. We painted the "ping pong" room (for lack of a better name) and the master a tan color. We still have one room to paint, but we currently are undecided what we want to use that room for so we don't know how we want to paint it.

This is the master bedroom. We had left over dark brown so we decided to make an accent wall with it.

We also got our new fence put up, finally! It makes our pool area look so much better.

This may make me seem crazy, but my favorite thing we did to our house during memorial day weekend was...... got brand new toilets installed. Sorry no pictures, I know how much everyone loves toilet pictures! James talked me into doubling our toilet budget for two sleek, clean, efficient toilets and I couldn't be happier!

This post wouldn't be complete without our most exciting event. On June 3rd, we finally got to start swimming and we haven't missed a day since. We have been itching to jump in the pool, but it has been unusually cold. It has actually still been a little more chilly than I would like, but because of the kind of pool we have, the water has been warmer than the air.

Man it's hard to get a good picture of James enjoying the pool!


Jill said…
We are looking into finally taking the popcorn off our ceilings too. You have the same master ceiling that we have and I've always loved. Oh and it looks much better with the popcorn off...so thanks for the extra motivation! Now we just need to find someone to hire. My brother who is a realtor told me the #1 thing anyone can do for their home for resale is to get rid of the popcorn.

James needs to smile while he's swimming :)
Jill said…
Oh and I LOVE that brown in your bedroom!!
Robin said…
Wow! I love how your backyard looks with the new fence. I love the gate also. I'm jealous of the water fall. Good idea on the accent wall in the Master. You guys are doing a fantastic job on making your house your home!!! P.S. Can't wait to see the toilets!
scubamom said…
You guys are doing an awesome job on getting stuff done! Loved the pix of Jim in the pool!
Christy said…
I'm jealous!! I'm melting in this heat!! :) I'd love a pool to hop in.

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