Vacation and a Vacation while on Vacation

On July 5th, I left to spend almost 2 weeks with my family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Monday thru Wednesday, I was able to hang out with my parents and see the town. On Thursday, me, my Dad, 2 of my sisters, and my niece, loaded up their SUV and started the 12 hour drive to Nebraska to see my Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins. We drove for 2 days and got there Friday afternoon.

We spent all day Saturday at my Aunt and Uncle's place on the Lake. We were able to take their boat out for a while and play on the lake.

Although she may not look happy, Kenley (my niece) loved the wind in her face.

My sisters- Kyleigh and Kolbri.

This was my view the majority of the weekend. I had a great time running around and playing with Kenley.

My Grandma lives in a really nice Retirement Home (everyone calls it The Plaza). We were able to stay there with her. Each of us had our own "apartment". On Sunday, all the family came to The Plaza for their lunch. We decided to take the chance to have a photo op.

This is Grandma with all of her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Notice there's no boys whatsoever.

Grandma with her Corder grandchildren minus my sister Kaici (we wish you were able to come!)

And Grandma with her great granddaughters.

While all the family was there, my Grandma was very excited (and rightfully so) to show us this:

It's a bench near the entrance, next to the waterfall dedicated to my Grandma and Grandpa.

We were also able to go up to my Grandpa's grave on Sunday.

This cemetery was very interesting to drive through. We are related to many people there. I have great great grandparents and great aunts and uncles buried there.

All in all, our road trip was great. It was neat being in a small town with a population of 600. Everywhere we went people would stop and talk to my Grandma. Me and my sisters went to the gas station while we were there. While we were walking out a gentlemen stopped us and asked who we were visiting (visitors stick out like sore thumbs). Once we told him, he started telling us that he used to work with my Grandpa and he has a key to my Grandma's house. My Dad told us a story about one time when we drove into town. By the time we got to my Grandparents house, they already knew we were in town. I guess a few people saw us driving so they called my Grandparents to let them know. Small town life is very interesting. Later in the trip my Mom and I saw a plaque that fits small towns perfectly. It said, "If you can't remember what you were going to do, ask your neighbor, they'll know".

The rest of my time in Milwaukee was spent shopping.

My Mom and I drove about 45 miles away to Cedarburg Settlement. We had so much fun looking at all the shops. We found an old barn that was converted into a bunch of different shops.

This is where we ate lunch. It was right on a beautiful creek.

All the buildings were old and looked like this.

Sadly, I didn't take any more pictures of my trip. It was so nice to get away and spend some time with my family. I miss living near them, but I'm glad they are only a 5 hour plane ride away.


Robin said…
I'm so glad you had a fun time. Kenley is darling, I can see why you wanted to hang out with her. Can't wait to see you.
scubamom said…
Sounds like a great trip! Thanx for sharing. I know you love your family here but I am sure you miss your family there.
Melissa J. said…
Great pictures - it was fun to see pictures of your sisters! It's been awhile...tell your family hi for us! :O)
Miranda said…
Hi Kresta! I am finally catching up on my friends blogs and thought I would peek at yours! I love this post about your Grandparents and the small town they lived in. It brings back memories of my Grandparents. I am such a small town girl at heart! What a beautiful place and it will be a special place to visit and learn more about your ancestors. It sounds like all you'll have to do is ask one of the locals!
Jill said…
Very interesting that you got to stay at The Plaza with your grandma. I didn't know any retirement homes would allow that, but that is so nice to know!

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