My Studio!!!

The main reason James wanted to finish the garage was so that he could build me a photography studio.

He is so creative. He was able to figure out an amazing way to hang up my back drops without taking up space needed for our cars.

It was very hard to take a picture of the studio so you may not be able to tell what's there. So far, I have 3 umbrella lights, a hair light, and a reflector. I have a couple soft boxes and back drops on order too.

I will announce the name of my photography soon. James suggested that since I have people from all over the world reading my blog that I should consider getting a factious name before letting the world know.

I will post pictures soon from my first photo shoot in the studio!


Clay and Kayde said…
That's so cool. It turned out great.
Can't for you to do some pics for us
W said…
That is awesome!! The studio looks fantastic. We'll have to book you one of these days to take pictures of the kids.
Brooke said…
That's great!!! I'm so excited for you!!! Good luck and can't wait to see pics. I'm excited to get my studio up again!!!
GO Gray's said…
Tell your hubby if you guys ever come down this way (Antioch) to stop off so we can see him and meet you. Also if we go up to Bakersfield we'd love to see him.. . . and meet you!!
Jill said…
This is very exciting! I hope you show us some of the photos you take in your new studio.

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