Our finished garage

On to happier things.....

One of the first projects we had on our list when we first moved in was to finish the garage. We finally got around to it. It seemed like a very overwhelming project, but James jumped right in to it. The night before he started it, he went on to You Tube and learned everything he needed to know to do this project.

This is the only before picture I can find, for some reason I must have accidentally deleted them. Here James is moving electrical wiring. We had an outlet in the middle of the wall, so he moved it towards the door. (He's so smart!)

He installed insulation.

Then drywalled it all by himself.

He built an awesome loft above the garage to store all our extra stuff. I LOVE it!

He had to move the water heater in order to drywall behind it. Because of his gas service background, he was able to work with it confidently. I was very impressed!

He wanted the walls to be perfectly smooth, without texture. So he mudded them and then sanded it down. It was a very messy job.

The final step- Painting. Thanks to our friends, we were able to use a sprayer and get the job done in less than an hour.

The finished product. We will be paying someone to do the ceiling. There's no way I'll let James do all that work above his head!


Clay and Kayde said…
Looks good! It's nice to have hubbies that aren't afraid to tackle a job
Robin said…
What a great job! You and your husband make quite the team. Can't wait to see it.
Jill said…
It looks so nice. James is one very ambitious hard working man!

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