Smokey Bear Run 2010

My friend and I have been running 5 times a week. We have been working hard towards our goal of running a 10K, which is 6.2 miles. On September 25th, we ran our first 10K race. It was the Smokey Bear Run around Bass Lake. The view was beautiful!

Right before the race began. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

The finish line! We were so exhausted. We have been training on the very flat Clovis trails for months. Once we got there, we realized that the entire 6 miles was going to be up and down hills. We were nowhere prepared for that!

We beat our record by 17 minutes. We were able to keep a steady pace of 11:01 a mile. That may sound slow to some of you runners, but we were so proud of ourselves! We normally average a pace of 12:39, so to be able to run a faster pace up and down hills was a HUGE accomplishment for us!!

After the race, proof that we were alive.

Our rankings.

We had a great time! We have another race planned for Oct. 23rd in Bakersfield. YAY!


Melissa J. said…
Great job, Kresta! Good luck next month!
Robin said…
You did it! Way to go AND you still looked cute at the end!!!
The Millers said…
You two are amazing!!! Keep up the awesome work! I wish I could run like you guys...who knows, maybe someday! sO FUN!!!
Grandma Honey said…
You and Kimmy are incredible. Wow!!

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